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How To Use Hypnosis
To Improve Your Life

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years but we're still finding new ways that hypnotism can help you.

By speaking directly to your subconscious mind, hypnosis can work directly to help your body. Hypnotism can be used to painlessly help with weight loss. And you can hypnotize yourself to stop smoking - often with just a one hour session.

Other uses for hypnosis include dealing with the fear of public speaking, reducing anxiety, stopping blushing, putting an end to nail biting and much more.

I'll teach you how to hypnotize yourself as well as showing you the many uses that hypnosis has to help us all deal with the stress of modern, everyday life...

Learn Hypnosis for Free
How to start learning hypnotic skills, including the basics of hypnosis scripts and creating your own hypnotic trance induction so you can learn hypnosis for free.

Hypnosis Weight Loss An Easy, Effective Way to Lose Weight
How to use hypnosis to help you lose weight easily and effectively. Hypnosis weight loss can help you realize your ideal weight.

Hypnosis Stop Smoking - Effective At Getting Rid Of The Habit Of Smoking
You can stop smoking if you want to, without will power, patches or gum by using hypnosis to stop smoking

How you can use hypnosis to maintain or improve your health.

Hypnosis For Relaxation
How to use hypnosis to relax yourself at any time you choose, the uses of hypnosis for relaxation.

Hypnosis And Meditation
Meditation is often used to help you relax. Meditation can also be used to release your inbuilt creativity. Hypnosis and meditation work well together!

Hypnosis And Pain Relief
Pain can be all consuming. We often get distracted by pain when it could be controlled or even removed. Whilst drugs can help with pain relief, hypnosis and pain relief is a safe, drug-free option.

Hypnosis And Phobias
Phobias take many forms: you could be frightened of spiders, snakes, heights, flying or almost anything else. Hypnosis and phobias have a long history of simple, effective cures.

Self Hypnosis Is An Easy And Useful Self Improvement Technique
An overview of the many uses of self hypnosis including help with sleeping, weight loss and more.

Hypnosis and Fear Of Public Speaking
Public speaking is often feared more than death. Lots of people get nervous when called on to give a speech, so fear of public speaking is quite common. Hypnosis can help you overcome your fear.

Hypnosis For Self Improvement
Almost everyone wants to improve themselves. By using hypnosis, the process of self improvement can be made easy and almost effortless.

Hypnosis Stress Reduction
How to use the power of hypnosis to reduce the stress in your life. Hypnosis stress reduction can make the process almost effortless.

Hypnosis Mind Control
Discover how hypnosis can affect your mind. You've probably seen stage hypnosis shows where people's minds appear to be controlled. Discover hypnosis mind control for yourself!

Hypnosis and Anxiety
Anxiety can creep up on you and it can gnaw away at you, causing you to worry unnecessarily. Hypnosis can be used to control or reduce your anxiety. In fact, hypnosis and anxiety can go hand in hand.

Hypnosis To Stop Blushing
Embarrased when you blush? Does the embarrassment make your blushing even worse? Discover how hypnosis can reduce or eliminate your problems.

Hypnosis To Stop Nail Biting
Get your nails back! How to stop nail biting using the power of hypnosis.

The History Of Hypnosis
When hypnosis was discovered, how it has been used over time. A brief history of hypnosis

Neuro Linguistic Programming
An overview of the development and uses of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Past Life Regression
Find out who you were in a past life or lives by using past life regression

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Links to other sites and resources for hypnosis.

Hypnosis News
The latest hypnosis news from across the internet.

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